Video Analytics Solutions For Retail Operators

Nicole Smith

Video analytics software is becoming increasingly popular among retail outlets. The software that is on offer here greatly improves the quality of video surveillance footage, and this in turn can mean a safer working and living environment, improved customer service, a streamlined workplace and an overall more positive experience for customers and staff. With the incredible malleability of this software, solutions can be made for an infinite amount of specific situations.

Using software programs to manage footage has grown increasingly common in the last few decades. This is a highly effective method, as this footage can be analysed instantly using these programs. Certain objects or types of motion can be identified and recognized. People can be noticed and understood as being separate from other parts of the image, and technology has recently been developed that allows facial recognition. What this means is that you’ll have a highly powerful force for recognizing suspicious activity and individuals, all done automatically by the computer.

This software can, when being activated by suspicious activity, alert security personnel in a number of ways. It can set off alarms, send emails and text messages. This will clearly improve the efficiency of your security system, and when it comes to keeping your property secure, time is of the essence.

Remote access is one of the major advantages of video analytics software. Plenty of these systems work simply through your web browser, which means you’ll be able to access them and watch previous footage in the same way you would download and view videos off of YouTube or a similar website. The difference, of course, is that your footage will be completely encrypted and secure, viewable only by authorized staff.

If you’re running a convenience store, you probably already have some type of security system already installed. If you’re looking to upgrade, it would be worth considering moving to a software-based system. As convenience stores have a high volume of customers, many small items that can be easily stolen and easy access to items, there are a great many number of threats criminals can take advantage of. By using video analytics software, it can become much easier to target individuals out of the crowd, and be clued in to suspicious activity unnoticeable by the naked eye.

If you’re in a grocery store, you’ve probably had a large amount of products go through your system without being paid for, either with nefarious or innocent intentions. With video analytics, you can specifically program the software to know when goods are out of place, when suspicious activity and possible theft is going on, and when items have gone missing from the store.

Video analytics software is especially useful in preventing fraud at quick service and fast food restaurants. If you notice a questionable transaction taking place, this can be cross-checked with video footage to see if a mistake occurred and who was at fault.

Overall, video analytics software is something all store owners who are serious about protecting their property must consider. The costs can be far less that one would pay for a standard set-up, and the benefits to customer and staff safety are considerable.

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