Telesales – Revealed – 4 Advanced Methods to Make Money With Telesales

Nicole Smith

Learning how to efficiently operate your business includes learning how to do inside sales. Inside sales is different than selling online. The more ways that you know how to sell, including using the telephone, you make your profits increase faster. Revealed – 4 advanced methods to make money with telesales.

1. Using the phone, as you discuss with the prospect your quality solution to his or her pressing problem, describe your product or service using terms as if you are a satisfied customer. Talk about the benefits you enjoy it from using it.

2. Sum up in a single sentence the most exciting benefit from using your products and services. This benefit will be something that fills a performance gap. Those businesses that easily succeed are ones that fill performance gaps. A performance gap is a service or product that is wanted but missing from a niche market.

3. The first stage of your call is the qualifying part of the call. You and your potential customer have to decide if the both of you are a compatible match for each other. Remember you are in business to serve a niche. If your potential customer does not get past the qualifying part of the call, thank the customer for his or her time and call the next number.

4. If the prospect does qualify in the call, remember, the first phone call is done intentionally to build a meaningful business relationship. Respect the prospect’s schedule. If he or she is busy, schedule an appointment at the earliest convenience of the prospect.

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