Cold Calling Scripts – Back Bone of Telemarketing Business

Nicole Smith

The purpose of telemarketing is to make a sale and a cold call which generates a business lead is invaluable to any business. It is the script which determines its success. As telemarketing is solely dependent on cold calls, it can be safely said the backbone of telemarketing scripts are effective cold calling scripts.

Maintaining the Right Approach

Ideal cold calling scripts is one that creates an impression of value for the prospects time. The ideal script should make the prospective client feel that they are indeed being served and not being taken for a ride. Since in today’s commercial world everyone but everyone is being bombarded with sales gimmicks, the caller should have an approach that conveys to them that their time is valuable to you. A little unresponsiveness or curtness should not disappoint the caller and on no accounts should it be taken personally.

Features of Ideal Cold Calling Scripts

An ideal telemarketing script should have the following features:
• It should connect the caller to the prospective client with the very first greeting.
• Convey to them in the beginning itself that you plan to be brief and have no intention of wasting their valuable time.
• Zero in on the problem they could be facing and explain how you may have the right solution to it.
• Give the chance to the caller to express his opinion. The ideal scripts make allowances for a negative answer as well.
• Ask them the reason for their disagreement without sounding disapproving and with a positive attitude try to work your way around it.
• If you feel this could be a potential client ask for a convenient time to meet with them.

Why Cold Calling Scripts Are the Backbone of Telemarketing

A telemarketer may be a person with a wealth of information but if they don’t have the right approach they cannot be effective salespersons. The right approach can be acquired with the right scripts. A bad script is one that relays information that is of no relevance to the potential client. In fact it is the first thirty seconds that will determine the outcome of the call. Telemarketing scripts are very easy to use as the caller knows that they are not face to face with the prospect there is no reason to be nervous or learn the script by heart or worse talk over the top of their heads. Effective scripts will generate supreme confidence in the caller as the different ways to handle different case scenarios will be clearly outlined. This positive approach and confidence will reflect in the sales call which in turn can generate lucrative business leads.

Thus, it can be safely said that cold calling scripts are indeed the Backbone of telemarketing.

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