The Mechanics of Communication

In order to formulate powerful communication statements and get your message across with influence, you firstly need to step back and analyze the mechanics of communication. So what are the mechanics of communication? The mechanics of communication are often used in communication training to explain how communication works at the […]

Lobbyist Harvey Goldstein – Who is He?

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Mr Harvey Goldstein is a successful American businessman in Asia, a prominent public figure and a spokesman for the foreign business community with the respective governments of Asia, particularly Indonesia. He is a catalyst and a participant in private sector growth and development in the Asia – pacific region. He […]

Face-to-Face Communication – Old Fashioned? Not!

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It’s unbelievable how dependent we’ve become as a society on electronic communication devices! E-mail, text messaging, PDA’s, cell phones, video conferencing, blackberries, blueberries, rasberries, and more…have taken the place of good old fashioned, face-to-face communication leading to many interpersonal difficulties and miscommunications in today’s workplace. You may be thinking…Why improve […]

How Do Investors Read Business Plans

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There are hundreds of thousands of business plans floating around and attempting to find a funding home. I receive hundreds of business plans annually myself, and can definitely state that 99% of these documents are laughable as presentations of an exciting investment opportunity. I am not referring to the value […]

Private Equity

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Introduction Private equity is medium to long-term finance provided in return for an equity stake in potentially high growth unquoted companies. Private equity isn’t new-it’s been around in various forms for almost 25 years, including the Barbarians at the Gate-style hostile takeover of RJR Nabisco by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) […]