Telemarketing For Beginners

Telemarketing is a direct marketing strategy to help network sales associates and potential clients, your business with other businesses, etc. Though this kind of marketing faces some resistance, there are methods to establish and maintain clients by use of telemarketing. Furthermore, you do not want consumers seeking your product or […]

Nature Of Sales Manager’s Position

Magenet Magenet

Sales Manager; Reporting to the vice president of Marketing. Job Objective The primary objective is to get maximum volume of sales through effective development and execution of sales programs and sales policies for the products sold by the division. Responsibilities and Duties. The sales manager is concerned with following job […]

The 7 Irrefutable Laws of Sales Success

Magenet Magenet

Sales training methods all have varying levels of success in the sales world. While sales training consultants and sales training articles debate on methods, behaviors, and appearance, the important laws of sales success will get results. These seven irrefutable laws of sales success will get results, and should be in […]

Use Hosted CRM For Effective Sales Management

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CRM relates to the strategies and processes used by businesses to identify and analyze customer behaviors and patterns. This kind of data can help you to strengthen your customer relationships. It can also help to identify customer inquiry patterns so you have the chance to increase your sales conversion rates. […]